Friday, October 5, 2012

Mouse Class

Come and join us…

What: A class to make “Fyodor” Mouse—10 inch mohair mouse accessorized with collar, tie and key, taught by bear artist Marty Bumala from Chantilly, VA. “I was inspired by the illustrations by Sir John Tenniel from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

Where: At the Rocking Horse Gallery
803 Caroline St. (Old Town)
Fredericksburg, VA
When: 13-14 October 2012. Come at 10AM (we’ll start soon there after).
Cost: $190; includes lunch, pre-sewn kit and instructions
            Kit includes
¨   1 pre-sewn “Fyodor” Mouse
¨   5 joints
¨   1 pair glass eyes
¨   Perle cotton and upholstery thread
¨   Stuffing
¨   Beads for weighting
¨   1 set unfinished collar (with button and snap), tie, and key charm
¨   Pliers to turn cotter pins
¨   Nut drivers size ¼ and 3/8 inch for turning lock nuts and bolts
¨   Stuffing tools (chop stick, cotter key, forceps, or whatever you have
¨   Scissors with sharp point like Fisker’s grey spring handle
¨   Cotton darners or large eyed embroidery needles 3 and/or 5 inch
¨   A smile and  positive attitude
¨   Not required but would be fun, a tea pot at least 8 inch tall to pose him with (“If you are familiar with Lewis Carroll’s book, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare put him in a teapot”).

*The teacher’s tools and needles will be available for use*

Call Faye Lee @ 540-371-1894 for details and to reserve your space

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